Yoko Kurama-handsome fox boy

Top 8 Fox Boys in Anime

Fox spirit or fox deity is called kitsune in Japanese. They are foxes who have powerful magic and can transform into human forms, and there are some great anime about fox spirits. Fox deities can be fox boys or fox girls. Some fox boys are cool and powerful, some fox boys are cute and funny. Let’s see the most charming fox boys in anime, and pick your favorite one!


Anime: Naruto

As Naruto is really super popular, Kurama is one of the most famous foxes in anime. Kurama is one of the nine-tailed beasts in Naruto, commonly known as the Nine-Tails. Kurama is an orange fox with nine tails, the strongest among the nine tailed beasts. He has been sealed inside the bodies of Uzumaki Mito, Kushina Uzumaki (the second jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails), and Naruto Uzumaki.
Minato separated Kurama into 2 parts, Yin and Yang, and sealed its Yin half within himself, and then prepared the Eight Trigrams Seal to imprison the Yang half within baby Naruto. Kurama’s chakra has a great influence on Naruto’s appearance and body.
Because Naruto develops a true friendship with Kurama, Kurama has changed his understanding of humans and the world, allowing Naruto to utilize the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode perfectly.

2.Yoko Kurama

Yoko Kurama-handsome fox boy

Anime: YuYu Hakusho

Another Kurama! Yoko Kurama was a master thief and a cunning A-Classed Demon Fox. Yoko Kurama is the name of the original, silver-haired fox demon. After he was wounded and chased by a hunter, he put his spirit into the newly born human baby, Shuichi Minamino to hide himself.
As Shuichi Minamino, he has long vibrant red hair, an elegant and handsome appearance, a gentle and peaceful personality. In his human form, he is brave and kind, willing to make the greatest sacrifice for those important to him. He always tries to be merciful and unwilling to kill when fighting.
When he turns into the silver-haired demon fox form, his personality becomes cruel and unforgiving, and his power is much stronger than he was in his human state.
In either form, Kurama is a quite handsome boy. His double personality makes him more complicated and charming. Kurama’s signature technique Rose Whip is my favorite part of the anime. Transforming a rose from its seed state to its flowering state and then into a long thorny whip that’s capable of cutting even through steel, is such a gorgeous must-kill.

3.Kugen Tenko

Anime: Our Home’s Fox Deity

Kugen Tenko is an ancient supernatural fox deity, who has forgotten its gender. Sometimes he is a man, and sometimes she is a girl. So I’m not sure if he is a real “fox boy”. Kugen Tenko is a powerful fox deity with a thousand years of practice.
Tōru and Noburo are brothers of the Takagami Family. Tōru has Yin in his blood and is constantly targeted by the youkai and other creatures lurking in Japan. When Tōru is targeted by one, his brother Noburo releases the fox deity Kugen Tenko who protects Tōru from the monster. Kugen now acts as the protector of Tōru and Noburo to keep them safe from any threats to them, while at the same time trying to adapt to the modern world. When Kugen stands out to fight with demons, he appears as a strong man.


4.Shippo-Little cute fox boy

Anime: Inuyasha

Shippo is a little fox spirit or a Kitsune. His name Shippo means Seven Treasures. He is just a child as a demon, not powerful in magic, but likable, mischievous, cheerful, and naive. He had a big head and small hands, and his feet were still like a fox, with a foxtail on his back. Little Fox is just a little fox boy that lives in the forest. With the help of medicine, he can hide fox ears and tail and transform into a human for a while. Sometimes he causes Inuyasha and the others some trouble.

5.Sōshi Miketsukami

Anime: Inu x Boku SS

Sōshi Miketsukami is the male protagonist in the Japanese manga series and anime, Inu x Boku SS. He is the descendant of a Kitsune or Nine-Tailed Fox. He is 100% loyal to Ririchiyo, always taking good care of her. Ririchiyo said he is “beyond the duties as an SS (secret service)”.
He’s very handsome, polite, and gentle. He has two eyes of different colors, the left one golden and the right one lime green. He usually wears a formal dress in everyday life. When he changes into the nine-tailed fox form, he wears a white rope.


6.Kokkuri san-fox boy's funny life

Anime: Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Kokkuri-san is a fox spirit who was summoned by Kohina Ichimatsu, a girl who lives a very unhealthy, solitary life. He is an ancient fox spirit and we don’t how old he actually is. He wants to help Kohina but he has little knowledge about modern life, so he tries to use advanced internet search engines to help. He also dedicates himself to helping her with all the household chores. Later, the ghost dog Inugami and the old good-for-nothing raccoon dog Shigaraki also came into Kohina’s home, and chaos and hilarity of life begin. The anime is really funny and relaxing, which I strongly recommend.


Tomoe-handsome fox spirit boy

Anime: Kamisama Kiss

Tomoe is the male protagonist in Kamisama Kiss. In fact, he is a handsome fox spirit who has lived several hundred years but still looks like a young boy. He has white hair and a pair of fox ears, plus the occasionally exposed foxtail. He is admired by many people, and he knows that.
Tomee is an arrogant fox spirit. He is prejudiced against humans and hates their weakness, but in fact, he has a gentle, kind, considerate, and cute heart. When he met a human girl Nanami Momozono, their awkward and romance story just starts.


Anime: Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods gingitsune.net

Gintarou is the kitsune herald of the Saeki family shrine. He is a big and fluffy fox, just like a big pillow. Unlike most fox boys in animes, Gintarou is a real fox and usually doesn’t transform into human forms.
This is a heartwarming slice-of-life anime. There’s no romance, no fantasy battles, no super cool magic powers……The most supernatural thing is that the heiress to the shrine Makoto can see the spirits and the spirits have a little power, like divination or helping people search for things, forecasting weather, and such little things. The story is about normal people in everyday life. It revolves around friendships, interesting experiences, and the activities of the shrine. Life moves forward in a way that doesn’t make the audience feel boring. You can also learn something about Japanese traditional culture, religion, and beliefs in an interesting way.