Top 10 Anime Dragon Girls (Kawaii!)

Top 10 Anime Dragon Girls (Kawaii!)

There are many otherworldly creatures in anime, such as dragon girls, catgirls, fox girls. They are charming and beautiful, having unusual attractions, powerful magic, and different personalities. Okay, I'm going to share my top 10 adorable dragon girls in anime, and how do you like them?


Anime: Mysteria Friends

Grea_The Dragon Princess
Grea is the Dragonborn princess, a half-breed girl born between a dragon and a human. Her special identity makes her out of place in the dragon's lair, so Grea goes to Mysteria Academy to begin her new life. Mysteria Academy is a magic school for human, god, and demons. There are 2 Princesses in the Academy, the other Princess is the Human Princess Ann. It's a funny GL story, a relaxing slice-of-life anime.


Anime: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Tohru and Kanna_Dragon Girls Gif
Kobayashi is a normal hard-working programmer. One day Kobayashi got drunk, she saved a dragon and take her home to be a maid. After that, a series of dragons appeared in Kobayashi's life. However, since Kobayashi is not a "male" protagonist of the harem anime, but a woman, this slight change makes this light-hearted comedy acceptable to many female viewers.
Tohru is the first dragon girl in the story, a green western dragon. She is saved by Kobayashi, so she volunteers to be a maid in Kobayashi's home. In human form, she still has two horns. She is deeply attached to Kobayashi. She has little human common sense and always lets Kobayashi eat her tail.

3.Kanna Kamui

Anime: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Kanna is the cuttest dragon girl
Kanna Kamui follows Tohru to the human world and then stays at Kobayashi's home. In human form, she looks like an elementary school girl and is popular at school. People think Kanna is Kobayashi's girl. She likes to play pranks, fears loneliness, and uses lightning as a weapon. She is super kawaii and everyone likes her! How can a dragon be so cute?


Anime: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Lucoa-Big Brest Dragon Girl
Lucoa is Tohru's friend, always taking care of others. In the human form, her right eye is green and her left eye has dark and yellow pupils. She has a massive chest and likes to make boob jokes.

5.Red Queen

Anime: Restaurant to Another World

Red Queen-Dragon Queen
Red Queen is one of the Legendary Dragon, even though the dragon queen possessed many treasures, there was still something exceptionally important. It wasn't any gold or silver treasure, but the Restaurant to Another World. It's a story about different strange creatures and their story about their favorite food.


Anime: Dragon Crisis!

Rose-Cute Dragon Girl
Rose is a mysterious dragon girl. In appearance, she is a blonde hair blue-eyed girl, does not look like a dragon at all. But she can briefly fly and manipulate fire.

Sylphid (Illococoo)

7.Anime: The Familiar of Zero

Sylphid (Illococoo)
Sylphid is a female dragon and Tabitha's familiar. In human form, she is a kawaii girl with blue hair. In dragon form, she is very huge and powerful. The anime not a great artwork, but something funny to watch.


8.Anime: The Coffin Princess

Fredrica-Dragon girl may eat anything
Fredrica is a female dragon, a creature that can use magic to change her form freely. As a feila dragoon, Fredrica does not have a certain original form. Although she appears in the form of a young girl, that's only because it's easier to talk to the others and walk around the streets. Her former master is Dominca, and after Dominca's death, she wanders for a long time and then joins Tooru's group.

9.Iris Freyja

Anime: Juuou Mujin no Fafnir

Iris Freyja-Human girl may change into dragon
One day, "dragons" suddenly appeared on Earth, and the world changed forever after. At that time, however, young girls called "Type‧Dragons" (abbreviated as "D") with dragon powers began to appear among the human race.
The girl is human, not a dragon. She is a clumsy and cute girl, always forgets things, and tends to lose her swimsuit whenever she swims. However, Iris' body starts to change into a Dragon, as she uses Catastrophe more and more.

10.Sala (Salamandinay)

Anime: Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

Sala (Salamandinay)_Dragon Princess
Sala is a secondary character in the anime. She is a witch princess of the Dragon Clan in the other earth. She is strong, intelligent and responsible, and is admired by her people. In appearance, she has wings sprouting from her back and a whip-like tail.

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