How long does shipping take?

Shipping to US: It take 15-28 business days recently (Updated on July, 2020) with our free shipping. 80% orders are shipping within 15 business days. We cooperate with UPS/USPS, and right now all the express companies require more time to deliver due to limited transportation availability as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 impacts. 

Shipping to Other Area: The international shipping is basically as usual. However, the delivery time mainly depends on your local condition. Due to the obvious impact of the epidemic, the efficiency of port and customs clearance has declined, and the local shipping may require more time to be delivered. 


What's the material of the clothes, are they made of cotton?

We mainly use 3 kinds of fabric to make our anime clothes (hoodies, t-shirts and more). They are cotton, polyester, 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Different material have their unique features.

Polyester: 3D digital color printing is carried out on polyester fabric with nano ink. The printing color is super vivid, and the printing can be applied all over the clothes. The pattern on the anime clothes is durable and solid, and the clothes are breathable, stretchable and dry quickly.

Cotton: Anime pattern on cotton clothes are printed with Thermal Transfer Printing. Suitable for small area of the design. The pattern is slightly gelatinous, a little airtight,  and can't be used for large area printing.

50% cotton and 50% polyesterAlso printed with Thermal Transfer Printing. Suitable for small area of the design. The material is more elastic than 100% cotton, and doesn't crumple as easily as cotton.

I received one of my products, but not all of them?

We are not a drop-shipping store, so all the orders are processed by ourselves. Mostly, we fulfill your order in 1 package. Sometimes, Your products may have been splitted into different shipping batch or from different warehouses. This also happens when hot selling products are temporarily out of stock. Don't worry, everything that you ordered will be sent to you.

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