Anime Twin Brother and Sister

Top 12 Anime Twin Characters (Girls & Boys)

Twin girls in anime are a uniquely beautiful sight. There are also some cool twin boys in anime, but twin sisters are always more popular. The twins in anime look alike, but usually have different personalities. Let’s dive in to find your favorite twins now!

Anime Twin Girls

1.Rem & Ram

Anime: Re: Life in a different world from zero

Rem & Ram are the twin maids, often wearing cute maid uniforms. Rem, as a secondary character, is the most popular part of the anime. Ram has short pink hair that covers her left eye, and her younger sister Rem has blue hair that covers her right eye. Ram and Rem are the only Oni Bloodline in the world. Rem has a horn on the head, cute, right? Ram was once the strongest of the Oni Bloodline, but she lost her only horn to protect Rem, and then she was unable to fight for a long time.

2. Mei Misaki & Misaki Fujioka

Anime: Another

Mei Misaki & Misaki Fujioka - Anime twins girl

Mei Misaki & Misaki Fujioka are twin sisters. Years ago, because the Misaki Family couldn’t have a baby, the twins’ mother decided to send one of the twins to the Misaki Family. So Mei’s name change to Mei Misaki. Anyway, the twins still play together and have a strong relation.
This is a great horror anime. The story isn’t something that’s going to pop up to scare you, but consistently in a mysterious atmosphere. The plot leaves a lot of hints and details in its wake as it moves forward, making the ending unexpected but reasonable. The plot is attractive, and the original author is an amazing mystery writer.

3. Chii & Freya

Anime: Chobits

Robot twin girls in anime

(Caution: The anime is with lots of nudity.)
In future Tokyo, there are a lot of computer girls. The robot girls are all very cute in appearance, almost like humans, and always completely submissive to their masters. A young boy Hideki Motosuwa, finds a very cute computer girl in the garbage near his dormitory by chance. But she didn’t have any software installed, so she didn’t know any knowledge, and all she could do was to make the sound “Chii”. Chii and Hideki slowly grew to love each other.
Chii has an elder twin sister Freya. Freya is a more mature computer girl. Chii wears white and pink outfits, and her twin sister Freya is always in black. The twin robot girls make a nice contrast together.

4. Kagami & Tsukasa

Anime: Lucky Star

Kagami & Tsukasa-purple hair twin girls

Kagami and Tsukasa are fraternal twin sisters, so they do not look quite similar. The twins in this show are very similar to Kyou & Ryou in Clannad.
Kagami is the 3rd daughter in the Hiiragi family, the elder twin sister. She has a lavender ponytail and hanging eyes. Kagami is one of the main characters in Lucky Star. The story follows the daily lives of a group of high school girls, who love anime, manga, cosplay, and a lot of otaku things.
Tsukasa is the 4th daughter, the younger twin sister. She had short lavender hair with ribbons on it.

5. Kyou & Ryou Fujibayashi

Anime: Clannad

Kyou & Ryou Fujibayashi-Anime twin girls

Kyou & Ryou are twin sisters. Kyou is the elder sister with long flowing purple hair, ribbons. Ryou is the younger sister with short purple hair. The twins are in different classes, and they are both representatives of a class.
Kyou is cheerful, sunny, competitive, and passionate. Her ambition is to become a kindergarten teacher. Ryou is shy and gentle, but strong at heart. She loves astrology and divination.

6. Mion & Shion Sonozaki

Anime: When They Cry: Kai

ion & Shion Sonozaki

Mion and Shion look very similar, both with green hair and green eyes. The only difference in appearance is that Mion has a ponytail and Shion has loose hair, and they dress differently in daily life. It seems Shion is the younger sister, but Mion is actually the younger sister, since they switched identities when they were kids.
When They Cry: Kai (Higurashi) is a very impressive anime, and I think the best part is the suspense plot. After watching it, on the one hand, there is the pleasure of sudden enlightenment, and on the other hand, there is the relief of seeing a happy ending.

7. Nashiro & Kurona Yasuhisa

Black and white hair anime twins

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
Nashiro and Kurona are identical twins. They were human girls, with light-colored hair and dark eyes. After being experimented they were made into half-ghouls, and their appearance becomes different. Nashiro has kakugan in the right eye, white hair; Kurona has kakugan in the left eye, black hair.

Anime Twin Boys

1. Rin & Yukio Okumura

Rin & Yukio Okumura-Anime twin boys

Anime: Blue Exorcist
Rin & Yukio Okumura are the sons of Satan and a female human exorcist Yuri Egin. They were adopted by Shiro Fujimoto. Although they are twins, Rin is half-demon, and Yukio is totally human. They don’t usually talk much but they actually like each other.
Rin is the elder brother, with black short-hair and many demonic features, such as sharp teeth, pointed ears, and a black demonic tail.
Yukio is the younger brother, but he is more hardworking, and often lectures Rin on his laziness. He has long black hair, blue eyes, and wears glasses because of his poor eyesight. Yukio is the youngest exorcist in history.

2. Kaoru Hitachiin & Hikaru Hitachiin

Kaoru Hitachiin & Hikaru Hitachiin-Anime twin boys

Anime: Ouran High School Host Club
The Hitachiin twin brothers are students in Ouran High School, members of the Ouran High School Host Club. Most students in the school are extremely wealthy, so does the twins.
The twins look alike, and it’s hard to tell them apart. Hikaru is slightly more aggressive and forward.
Because the twins are so close, they often play brothers with a forbidden love plot.
The anime is a reverse harems type, but in a funny and sweet way. It’s a classic shoujo anime, that won’t make you feel uncomfortable or boring.

3. Zero Kiryu & Ichiru Kiryu

Vampire twin boys Zero Kiryu & Ichiru Kiryu

Anime: Vampire Knight
Here comes the vampire boy! Zero Kiryu & Ichiru Kiryu are twins, both with silver hair and lilac eyes. They were taught to be vampire hunters since they were very young. However, Zero Kiryu, the elder brother was turned into a vampire by Shizuka. Ichiru was taken away by Shizuka, but Shizuka didn’t turn him into a vampire and instead chose to keep him as a human.

4.Saga & Kanon

Saga & Kanon-Powerful twin boys

Anime: Saint Seiya
Saint Seiya is an old anime series, a super classic and influential work.
Gemini Saga is the most powerful Gold Saint of its generation. He is always a nice and strong person, but he has an evil side, which was unknown to most people.
Kanon is Sage’s younger twin brother. Kanon has an evil ambition, and he induced Saga to murder Athena, who had just been born into the Sanctuary. Saga then imprisoned Kanon in the rocky dungeon to stop his evil brother.
Saga and Kanon have similar appearances as well as comparable strengths.

Anime Twin Brother and Sister

Hideyosh Kinoshita & Yuko Kinoshita

Anime Twin Brother and Sister

Anime: Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts
Hideyosh Kinoshita is a boy, but he looks really like a girl, and even more kawaii than other girls. Hideyosh looks exactly like his twin sister, Yuko Kinoshita. He is an excellent actor and is good at imitating voices, which he often uses to deceive others and to fake his sister Yoko Kinoshita.
Hideyosh is annoyed because he is always treated as a girl, and often claims he wants to show his manly side. It’s entertaining to watch the anime.